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DIY Weddings at The Hitchin' Post


Wildernest Ranch, the sweetest little bed and breakfast in Naples, TX,  is the perfect setting for your fairytale country wedding. Rustic or elegant, or a gorgeous mix of the two, the beautiful lawns and perfect little event venue offer the foundation for a day every bit as special as your love story! We offer a couple of special packages, including a DIY package, which enables you to bring in your own crew of people to assist you in decorating, catering, etc. 

Located just over a 100 miles from the DFW Metroplex, in Northeast Texas, The Hitchin' Post @ Wildernest Ranch B&B  provides an intimate setting for the bride and groom who want a destination Texas wedding to get away from the noise of the city and start a new life in the quiet, peaceful surroundings of  the country. Graceful pecan trees and exquisite pine trees abound on the 43-acre ranch, along with a pond and abundant wildlife. 

We are happy to host Texas wedding celebrations for up to 125 guests. Wildernest Ranch Bed and Breakfast Ranch offers several romantic backdrops for your ceremony and reception. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

 DIY Wedding Weekend Package:

  • Friday 10am - 10pm
  • Saturday 10am - Midnight
  • The Hitchin' Post @ Wildernest Event Center
  • Beautiful Lawn & Pavilion
  • The Boho House- Bride's Dressing Area
  • The Rancher - Groom's Quarters
  • Up to 125 guests
  • 12 tables w/white or ivory linens
  • 125 white wedding chairs 
  • 30 minute appointment for decor
  • 2 48" Screens for Slide Shows
  • Sound System


Hourly Rental:


  • For events, reunions, parties, showers, or weddings where a longer block is not needed, The Hitchin' Post may be rented by the hour.  Minimum of 3 hour rental.


*All bookings will be under contract.

Tours Available

If you'd like to tour our facilities and see if Wildernest B&B and The Hitchin' Post fit your event's needs, please contact us! We are more than happy to show you around and sit down with your for a free 30 minute planning consultation!

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The Hitchin' Post



Whether it's a small, intimate ceremony for 50, or a larger one for 100, The Hitchin' Post and its lawn and Pavilion have all of the space and natural beauty you need! See the home page for weekend wedding package pricing or contact us for a consultation.



Some prefer outdoor ceremonies and indoor receptions, and some vise-versa. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong at The Hitchin' Post! With 6 large, gorgeous crystal chandeliers and rustic chic glam, the simple decor complements virtually any style and color scheme. 

Birthday Parties


Whether you are 10 or 30 or 60, the B&B and The Hitchin' Post are popular spots to celebrate birthdays! We've had Glow in the Dark Dinner Parties for pre-teens, a Star Wars party, several Sweet Sixteens, a video bus for a thirteen year old, and several parties that went into the night for the senior citizen crew! 

Corporate Meetings


If you're looking for a breath of fresh air - quite literally - for your next board meeting, sales meeting, or company meeting, look no further! With space to accommodate 125 seated at tables, let us cater your next sales event!

Graduation Celebrations


The springtime always brings a lot of opportunities for seniors at the B&B as well as The Hitchin' Post! Senior pictures, prom pictures, before prom dinners, as well as graduation celebrations...and the list goes on and on! Keep us in mind while planning a memorable finale to your Senior's year!

Family Reunions


Our most popular request has been space for family reunions, and we've been listening! The Hitchin' Post can more than accommodate the dining and entertainment needs of most families, and - soon - we'll be adding two cabins to our rental inventory to help with lodging as well!

Call us to tour The Hitchin' Post!

Answers to the most asked questions...


When will my payment be due?
Payment in full will be due 60 days prior to your celebration. There is a nonrefundable $500.00 deposit which will be due upon signing the rental contract.

Will I have to clean up after my event?
You will be responsible for cleaning the property after the event. All trash, equipment, debris, containers and anything else brought to the property must be carried away with your cleanup crew.

Will I have to carry my own trash away after the event?

Heavy duty black trash bags will be provided for you. All trash must be bagged on the night of the event and placed into the commercial dumpster that it located on the property. If, for some reason, the dumpster is full, yes, you will have to take your trash with you. Any food or open trash bags left overnight may cause you to lose your security deposit because they attract insects and rodents.

Do I have to clean up the night of my event or can it wait?
Since we are an operating B&B, everything will have to be cleaned and taken from the venue, unless you have reserved one of the cabins for the night. In that case, you may store things there to be picked up the following day.

Can we have alcohol at our event?
Alcohol can be served but not sold at Wildernest Ranch. However, you will be responsible to purchase and serve it yourself. Also, you will be held responsible to make sure minors are not served and to make sure minors are not consuming alcoholic beverages. Also, please make sure people aren't drinking and driving. We want your celebration to be amazing and memorable ... but in a good way not a bad way.

Will we be able to stay in the cabins the weekend of the wedding?

The cabins will NOT be rented out during your wedding weekend; however, if you or any of your wedding party and/or guests want to stay in them, they will need to purchase a separate reservation.

I have a few family members and friends who smoke. Do you allow smoking on your property?
There is no smoking in the venue or on the surrounding property. There are trees and property that cannot be replaced. There will be a designated smoking area in the parking area.

I love the glow of candles, are those allowed in the venue?
Open flames or candles may not be used inside or on the surrounding property. 

After our wedding instead of bubbles or birdseed, we want to leave with are guests shining sparklers, is that allowed?
Sparklers will be allowed in the designated area for departure purposes. The exception will be during a burn ban; if there is a burn ban in place, sparklers will not be allowed.

I am thinking I would like to use confetti or flower petals as part of our decoration, is that okay at Wildernest Ranch B&B?
I love confetti and if you want to use it indoors you sure can, however, it has to be cleaned up, taken with you and disposed of. However, you can only use biodegradable confetti, flower petals, etc. outdoors. .

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