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Hi there! We are just a bunch of females - all ages - who have a few things in common. We adore our friends, fashion, and family and we love God, life, and this journey we are on! It's kinda crazy how we all came together, so we'll save that story for another time, but - like most good stories - it was a "God thang." In a grand effort to share a bit of our personal lives/stories/journeys with you as we also share fashion & beauty through the boutique & blogs, this is our brand spanking new virtual home away from home. We hope you'll join us often. Let us know what you'd like to see more of - both in the boutique and on the blog & Insta! So...if y'all are ready...we'd like to invite y'all to tour the boutique!

                                                                      -Staci, Jen, Alex, Ali, Michaela, Peyton, Rachel, &Chelsy


Kendall's Kloset

A new take on the birthday party business, especially geared for girls, ages 3-11! A real tea party & fashion show, complete with manis, dress up, and walk down the pink carpet!

The Bohotique

We are excited to offer sweet vintage BoHo fashions, accessories, and hats, plus darling gifts for all the gals in your life, as well as a bridal line and our own Wildernest Wear!

Attitude & Attire

Building confidence - Changing lives.

Tea parties & Fashion Shows for girls 3-11!

Kendall's Kloset Birthday Party Staff

Kendall Jenke

I am Kendall and welcome to our family's B&B! I stay busy with school, cheer, and hanging out with my friends. I did competitive cheer for 7 years and volleyball for 4. I'm looking forward to my freshman year next year!

Rachel Clayton

Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm 17 and I'm about to start college at Tarleton State University in the fall where I will be for a year, and then transfer to Texas Tech to get my Ag Industries and Agencies degree. I enjoy showing cows, riding horses, being with my friends, and doing makeup! I can't wait to make many memories in all of my endeavors!

Chelsy Edwards

 Hi, I'm Chelsy! I'm a 17 year old high school student who enjoys reading (a LOT!), spending time with friends, and cheering for the Brahmas! I'm so happy to be a part of Kendall's Kloset at the Bohotique and feel that it will be full of memories for both moms and daughters!

College & Work Bohos

Alex Freeman

Hey! I'm Alex Freeman, daughter of God & granddaughter of Thomas Freeman. Guaranteed: I will laugh the loudest in the room. Less guaranteed: you will appreciate it. Getting older has taught me not to waste my time or skin elasticity on things that don't matter, share what I believe is right (even if I might be wrong), & take care of myself so I can be at my best to serve others - take the nap, eat the gelato, go on that trip. If you need me, I'll be over here nerding out on biblical hermeneutics with a face mask on.

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Peyton Hawkins

Hey guys, it's Peyton! I'm a lover of all things with four legs and a tail. I'm 18 years old and get to marry my best friend at The Hitchin' Post in July! Afterwards, I'll be moving to North Carolina with my handsome Marine and attending beauty school, pursuing another passion of mine - hair! Super excited to make memories and to be a part of Bohotique!

Ali Hawkins

Hey y'all, Ali here. I'm a 20 year old adventure lovin', tree climbin', sweet tea drinkin', college student! I'm about to begin my junior year at LeTourneau in BioMedical Engineering, and plan to go into the prosthetic field. Welcome to Bohotique, where every moment is a memory, and there is beauty in every day!!!

The Boho Mamas

Michaela O'Neal

Hi, I'm Michaela! I'm 19 and I'm a full time  college student as well as a full time mommy to the most precious little boy - Dawson Reign! I cannot wait to see how much the Bohotique and Kendall's Kloset will impact girls/women of all ages! Our main message that we want to spread to women all over is to accept who you are! Don't strive for perfection! Strive for happiness!

Jennifer Gross

I'm Jennifer. Wife, mom, and child of God. I am 44, and have battle scars, laugh lines, and gray hair but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not perfect, but as I get older I realize perfection is over rated  and takes too much energy! I'm currently a small business owner and trying to figure out what I'm meant to do next.

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Staci Wilder

Hey all! Staci, here! I'm the eldest female of this amazing team of bloggers and - you know what? I am totally, 100% at peace with that! In fact, I'm pretty much obsessed with this season of life that I am happily immersed in at the moment, and I am beyond thrilled for the launch of Kendall's Kloset, along with this site, blog, and shop for "girls" of all ages! It doesn't matter how old we get, we still enjoy pretty things, have the need to vent, to share, and to be uplifted. Our prayer is that you'll find all of that - and much, much more - right here!

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Empowering little girl at a time!

The Boutique

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Sunshine & Sweet Tea

Kendall's Kloset Party Venue

The Bohotique @Wildernest

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